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Hi, I'm Veronica...

Let me ask you...

Are you feeling stuck? 

Do you struggle with your energy? 

Are you seeking connection and direction in your life?

Do you feel overburden or stressed? 

I can assist.

I'm a coach and yoga teacher specializing in wellbeing. I empower and guide people via a holistic coaching approach to create and sustain healthy lifestyle habits for prolonged health.

Wellness Coach

In our sessions you should expect

Safe Environment

I will offer you a safe environment to freely speak about issues including mindset challenges and health concerns so we can set sustainable health goals

Professional Advice

Using my expertise in wellness and nutrition, I will give you clear and professional information on a variety of topics that suit

your intentions

Lifestyle Strategies

If desired, I can offer a wide range of holistic lifestyle strategies to help create a bespoke plan that will assist you to feel your absolute best

What People Say

 "I really enjoyed your workshop yesterday, which motivated me to do more to get started on reviving my goal. Also thank you for the gift bag. I especially love the cards and will use them daily to keep reminding myself of the journey ahead of me. You are truly an inspiration."

Christine, Gold Coast

Wellness Coach

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