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Yoga is a dance between

control and surrender

The physical practice of yoga (asana), is one of the ways in which we can bring harmony and connect our body and mind to achieve internal peace. 


We welcome you to practice with Zenergy 4 Life for engaging, mindful and calming sessions using Hatha yoga as our core style. Classes are suitable for all levels, and uses Zenergy's unique combination of gentle flows with other holistic methods for a grounding, relieving and revitalising practice. 



Classes & Events

Zenergy 4 Life invites you to learn and practice yoga in one of our  classes or events.  

See how yoga can have a positive effect in vitalising your life.

Weekly Classes

From yoga to essential oils, check out our open weekly classes 


Special events to give you a taste of Zenergy 4 Life

Fancy something a little more personal? We also provide private one-on-one and group classes on request. Please get in touch to find out more. 

Yoga 4 Life


We welcome you to explore our Yoga articles which offer any yogi student or teacher tips, ideas and poses that can will support you and your pratice.

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