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Meditation is listening to

the Divine within

Meditation is a powerful, peaceful tool that can often be overlooked or feared by people. The common idea of having to sit in silence with an empty mind can often cause anxiety and sceptism about this practice. 


Zenergy 4 Life not only believes that often taking moments to mediate is key for a peaceful mind and soul, but that different meditation practices suit different people. Allow us to guide you through different meditation methods, entwined with Zenergy 4 Life holistic touches, to help you discover your perfect practice.


Classes & Events

Zenergy 4 Life invites you to learn and practice meditation in one of our workshops to help you find your perfect method to create ease and peace in the mind.

Weekly Classes

From yoga to essential oils, check out our open weekly classes 


Special events to give you a taste of Zenergy 4 Life

Fancy something a little more personal? We also provide private one-on-one and group classes on request. Please get in touch to find out more. 



We welcome you to explore our articles about Meditation which offer anyone exploring this practice with tips, ideas and methods that can will support you and meditation.