"Peace comes from within.

Do not seek it without" - Buddha

Attending a retreat is like giving your mind, body and soul a very special gift. It's the gift of space, self - reflection and rejuvenation that we all need from time to time. In a beautiful, safe and serene settings, this is exactly what my Zenergy 4 Life Retreats aim to provide.


Zenergy 4 Life Retreats allow you to escape and immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, (from beginners to advance),  as well as being guided in mediation practices, coaching/visioning exercises and reiki.


Offering special themes to each retreat, you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery that will be an individual experience that is completely unique to you.

There are currently no retreats scheduled, but please take a look at my past Empowering Me - Women's Retreat Series, and ensure you check back regularly for updates.

* Please note COVID-19 guidelines apply. (For more information feel free to contact us). 

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Past Retreat Events

Empowering Me - Women's Retreat Series

Body, Mind and Soul (SOLD OUT)

29th January 2021 

Our first retreat of the Empowering Me - Women's Retreat Series was a 3-hour mini-retreat. This amazing sold-out event was a huge success. By focussing our yogic activities on our body,mind and soul, we felt an immense sense of empowerment and union within an inspiring group of women. 

Women's Wellness Day -Fundamentals of Detoxing (SOLD OUT)

  1st May 2021

Our second retreat of the Empowering Me - Women's Retreat Series was a very special

1 Day Retreat on the Gold Coast, that embraced our wellbeing. During this one day retreat, guests were given a Vinyin yoga class (vinyin), a guided meditation (focusing on wellness) and two presentations on the fundamentals of detoxing, (one by a health coach and one by a naturopath),. Plus they learnt to make your own natural scrubs, and concluded with a mindfulness exercise to empower the group's ongoing wellness journey.

Pause, Reflect, Reset - Weekend Retreat (SOLD OUT)

3rd - 6th September 2021

Our third retreat and final of the Empowering Me Women's Retreat Series

was arranged to be a 3-night retreat in Byron Bay Hinterland. To finalise the series I wanted guests to give themselves the gift of indulgence, relaxation and time to slow down. It was to be an escape just in the hills with luscious acres to feel freedom and peace. Sadly, along with many others, Covid-19 restrictions meant this final retreat was cancelled. However, if you are interested in knowing when this retreat may be rearranged, please do get in touch so I can put you on our retreat alert list.



If you are unable to make our retreats, we invite you to take a look at our upcoming weekly classes and monthly sessions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Weekly Classes

Weekly yoga classes open for all levels to attend

Monthly Sessions

Monthly yoga & meditation sessions with special themes.

Fancy something a little more personal? We also provide private one-on-one and group classes on request. Please get in touch to find out more. 

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