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I'm Veronica Freedman, your Holistic Health & Life Coach and the founder of Zenergy 4 Life. 

I believe that the hardest journey is ‘the one within’, well at least that’s my view. There was a time in my life when I was run down, tired, stressed, had no energy, suffered from insomnia and was often anxious. I was in a highly stressful and traumatising job, had financial challenges and a member of my family was gravely ill. Despite all that, I thought I was ‘healthy’. But what I didn’t realise is that health is not just about one element, for example, your physical health, but it’s all connected; body, mind and soul. So, slowly I started a holistic journey that changed my life. 


My journey started with the most obvious issue - my physical health. I embarked on a food coaching diploma which then led to an integrative health coaching diploma and then to a life coaching certificate. I learnt so much from both courses, but the main lesson was that you can eat all the green veggies you like but if you are stressed or have a toxic relationship, well, it will not have the full extent of its impact as intended. I discovered that to be truly ‘healthy’ I had to heal not only my body, but also my mind and my soul. 

In the search for further knowledge, I attended further courses on coaching, nutrition, wellness, essential oils and finally yoga. Through these courses I've become a qualified Life Coach (IAHNC), Yoga teacher (Santosha Yoga Institute Aust, Power Living Aust), Certified Food Coach, (Food Coaching Institute Aust, The Raw Food Kitchen, Centre of Excellence) Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,(Institute of Integrative Nutrition NY,,Counsellor, (UNIFAM & University of NSW),  Reiki II,  (My Health Yoga) and Aromatouch Practitioner, (doTerra). I also have an extensive background in the human services field and psychology.


I'm passionate about helping anyone who would like to improve their health and energy through a holistic approach to health; natural whole foods, yoga, meditation, finding emotional balance and using essential oils. My areas of interest are reducing stress and anxiety, living mindfully and life pre/post menopause. I describe myself as a holistic wellness practitioner, enthusiastic about living with vitality, and looking after your body, mind and soul. 

Reconnect with yourself & be the intentional creator of your vitality!


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Essential Oils

Jill, Brisbane

"Absolutely loved this beautiful experience. Very soothing, relaxing and left you feeling energised. The oils are delicious and Veronica has a special gift."