'Reconnect with yourself & be the intentional author of your life'....

We all face challenges every day. And all too often we carry that stress on our shoulders which can take its toll on our lives.

This is where Zenergy 4 Life comes in to give you a helping hand.

Zenergy 4 Life is a holistic coaching business ready to assist anyone wishing to improve their health and energy. We give you the holistic tools to learn, in a comfortable and positive space, how to release the stresses from life, connect with yourself and revitalise your life in your way.


Zenergy 4 Life welcomes you here to discover more about our unique holistic tools, recipes and infromation on each technique, and our array of workshops available for every body.


'Reconnect with yourself & be the intentional author of your life'.



Stress You Say?

Stress is completely natural, yet can become overpowering and chronic. Find out more what stress is about, how it can affect our body and a story which helps us to reflect on our stress and how to manage it.


Deciding to explore a more holistic lifestyle is a wonderful choice to make, and Zenergy 4 Life is here to guide you on those first gentle steps. We have classes and events for you that'll help you begin your journey into discovering your perfect holistic lifestyle.

Weekly Classes

From yoga to essential oils, check out our open weekly classes 


Special events to give you a taste of Zenergy 4 Life

Fancy something a little more personal? We also provide private one-on-one and group classes on request. Please get in touch to find out more. 


Discovering a holistic lifestyle is an exciting yet personal jouney. To help you on your path, we invite you to Connect with Zenergy 4 Life through our blog, news and social platforms. Use our variety of tools with our tips, ideas and advice on finding and developing your holistic lifestyle.




Essential Oils

Jill, Brisbane

"Absolutely loved this beautiful experience. Very soothing, relaxing and left you feeling energised. The oils are delicious and Veronica has a special gift."