Yoga poses for a little self love

Updated: Apr 26

Sometimes we find it easy to love others - family, friends, pets, even beloved places and trinkets. But self-love can be a completely different ball game. Giving yourself the care, attention, indulgences and time that you deserve. How often do you give yourself a little me time?

There are so many ways you can introduce or elevate the quality of your self loving routine. A great way to start is to have a self-loving yoga practice. For days when a yoga asana is what the mind and body craves, here are some top self-love poses to get you started:

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

The sweet ending, or beginning, to any yoga practice. It is said to be the most important pose in the whole of yoga. Through movement, we find strength, release and often exhilaration. Through the stillness of Savasana, we allow ourselves to find relaxation and delve into the true essence of yoga - to find peace and connect our mind, body and breath into a calm oneness. Using props, pillows and blankets, indulge yourself into the comfiest Savasana, and allow the bliss to wash over you.