10 Ways to Start Your New Year Right!

Happy New Year!! Welcome to a whole brand new decade. After the fun festive period, it can suddenly dawn on us how a New Year has begun and we hurry to get ready for it. Or we just revert back to normal and don’t use it as a positive opportunity to give our lives a little boost.

Here’s a countdown to 10 simple yet effective ways to start your New Year the right way!

10. Do some of your favorite things

Within the first few days, when the festive slumber can take over, fill your spare time with favorite things. Maybe it’s a walk in your favorite place, having your family over for dinner, seeing your best friend for a coffee or watching your all time favorite film. Enjoy a few old faves to that start the year well!

9. Check out our physical environment

Have a look around and see how your physical surroundings look. Can you throw out some old papers and receipts? Is your cupboard cluttered with old clothes? See if you can have a little sort out to give you an environmental and mental cleanse!

8. Set some intentions

See our last blog about setting intentions for the New Year! Make them good, and make them last!