Stress you say?

Updated: Apr 26

Did you know that stress is a normal physical response to events which threaten or upset us? It’s the reaction to what we perceive as danger, (real or imagined) and it's how the body prepares to defenced us. This response is a rapid and automatic process and it's known as 'fight, flight or freeze'. Stress is a necessary part of our life as it helps us to focus, provides us with energy, makes us alert, enhances our creativity, and it's the crucial component for our ‘survival’ instinct. However, stress can be harmful when it becomes overwhelming and ongoing, or what is called 'chronic stress'.

The body reacts to stress in the following way :

• Chemicals, such as adrenalin start pumping

• Heart rate goes up

• Blood vessels dilate

• Breathing increases

• Sweat production increases

• Metabolism slows down

• Muscles become tense

• Pupils enlarge

• Sex hormone production goes down

• Cortisol levels go up

So image feeling stressed all the time, (chronic stress) and keeping in mind how the body reacts to stress what do you think would be the impact on your physical and psychological health over time? Now take a moment and think...How much stress do you have in your life? Is it constant? What causes you stress? What do you do to de-stress? How can you release the burden of of what causes you stress to gain more energy, focus and improve the quality of your life?