Carrot and Almond Pate

To go perfectly with your Middle Eastern Seed Biscuits, we have a Carrot and Almond Pate to spread on top! A perfect dinner time sip, lunchbox addition or healthy snack, this versatile and easy to make pate is great for vegans and dairy-free diets!


½ cup raw almonds, soaked overnight

½ cup raw pumpkin seeds, soaked overnight

1 medium carrot

Juice of ½ - 1 lemon

½ cup fresh parsley or coriander

1 cloves garlic

Pinch of cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon of paprika

½ teaspoon ground cumin

2 tbsp almond or olive oil

1 tbsp coconut oil

Salt to taste


  • Drain and rinse the almonds and pumpkin seeds.

  • Add to the food processor along with all the other in