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Finding Balance

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

When I thought of what a balanced life means to me, I get a little overwhelmed. The reason for this is that I felt that everything in my life had to be in equilibrium at the same time! Once, I allowed myself to start thinking of balance as finding ‘harmony’ rather than equilibrium, across all sectors of my life; health, family/friends; work and self-care, it enabled reaching ‘balance’ more manageable.

'What do I mean by this?' you may ask. Well, I mean that sometimes you have certain areas of your life that require more priority than others and hence you need to spend more time and energy focusing on those areas; and that’s OK, because hopefully, you are not neglecting anything you’re just prioritising. Hence, giving yourself permission to find harmony/balance based on your current situation is important so you don’t feel overwhelmed. For example, instead of attending the gym 5 times a week, only attending 3 because during a particular week your child was unwell and your priority was to stay home and look after him/her. Now, the danger comes when the priority area takes over all the other areas, then you may feel out of balance and it may have impacts on your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. So, what’s the secret?

Having a ‘balanced’ life needs to be an ongoing lifestyle choice, not a goal/destination. By developing a lifestyle that resonates with you, which is sustainable and realistic, life can automatically become more balanced. For example, if you introduce a yoga practice even once a week into your life, it will assist you in balancing your physical body, your mind and your spirit. If your body, mind and spirit feel ‘balanced’, you have more energy, you are able to think clearer and it will enhance your awareness. This, in turn, will assist you in making informed choices, manage stressful situations and prioritise what matters.

Some of the questions you may like to ask yourself in order to create your desired ‘balanced lifestyle’ are:

What does an ideal balanced lifestyle look like to you?

In reality what does a typical week look like for you? (What are your current priorities?)

What two or three sustainable and ongoing actions could you take right now that would help you reach an ‘ideal balanced lifestyle’?

I have asked a few members of my tribe to answer the above questions and below is what they had to say:

What does an ideal balanced lifestyle look like to you?

“Being relaxed, flexible, enjoying each day, coping with stress as part of everyday life when it may arise and being happy. Having your family and special friends about you. Being kind and giving. Also enjoying new adventures and travelling, and noticing the beautiful scenery around you”.

“Family & Friends (contact/interactions/relationships), Time (time for oneself, to relax, read, think, walk), Work (keep the mind active, teamwork)”

“Balance in my life looks like, being with my husband every night and sailing once a week with him in summer or riding a jetski. Going for romantic dinners, going for drives to Tamborine and having a picnic or pub lunch.” Work 2 days a week, exercising every day - walking my dog, walking on the beach, cycling, pilates, yoga, weights, 1-day rest, catching up with friends, spending quality time with my sisters & mum 3-4 times a year, cooking interesting recipes, sewing and mending, shopping for interesting things like vintage clothes and changing the bedroom and lounge room linen/cushions etc. I love watching Millionaire Hot Seat for 1 hour, testing my memory & playing games with friends once a week.”

In reality, what does a typical week look like for you? (What are your current priorities?)

“Stimulating, unpredictable being predictable, some pressure and ensuring one makes time for themselves. Enjoying my daughters, their partners, my grandchildren and catching up when possible with friends. Having chats and helping family members. When I retired this will be different, a slower pace, more relaxed and quiet periods.”

“Prior to COVID-19 very hectic, non-stop, stressed, exhausted, work took most of my time, finding myself dedicating more time to work and not putting my family first. Rushing to get my son to school, rushing to complete work, rushing to prepare dinner and so on. During COVID-19 more

time, not stressed, having time to read, nap, exercise (walk along the beach) which I find extremely relaxing. Time to cook nice meals (find myself looking at recipe books), lots of family time, playing board games, puzzles, watching movies together. Although the lack of work (less hours), finances can be stressful, this special family time is priceless.”

"In reality, outside of COVID-19, it's like the above except going to Sydney 3-4 times a year, in reality, it's twice a year. I don't read enough books, I read lots of Health & Medical articles. Too much cleaning, in and around the house. “

What two or three sustainable and ongoing actions could you take right now that would help you reach an ‘ideal balanced lifestyle’?

“Slow down, smell the roses, and relax.”

“Slow down, take a breath. Always schedule time for the things I love to do, Health & Fitness (eating better and exercising more)”

“I'd like to re-employ our cleaner and learn basic skills on the computer, go to classes.”

What do you do to find balance? Let me know!


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