How to set your New Year intentions...and keep them!

Updated: Apr 26

New Year often brings a lot of encouragement to start again, create intentions, and start the year positively to make the most out of it. Although these suggestions are with the best intent, sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make the right intentions, to keep them, and to berate yourself if you don’t quite achieve ‘goals’ in your expected time frame.

This turns something positive into something stressful and negative, which is completely the opposite of the objective!

Here’s our sure ways to help you to set your intentions and keep them for a fulfilling, exciting and constructive year!

Take your time

Many feel that intentions must be set and written in stone by January 1st, to start as soon as the gong of midnight strikes. This ‘deadline’ is completely in the mind and can force you to make wrong decision and choices. Instead, take your time. Grab a cup of tea, and jot down some ideas. Let them manifest for a few hours/days, and then come back to it and refine. Maybe your final list doesn’t conclude until the 15th January. THAT’S FINE! Make your intentions the right ones.

Find new intentions

Sometimes we recycle intentions - trying out old ones that haven’t worked. Maybe there’s a reason they haven’t worked, and they need to be left for a while. It’s a better idea to find new ones, or spin the old ones. Like instead of ‘loose 10 pounds in 3 month’ try ‘be more body positive’.