My Pantry Essentials for a Holistic Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 26

Starting your holistic lifestyle can start in the kitchen, and one way to transition to a whole foods and nutritious way of eating is to start by transforming your pantry!

But you don’t need to be drastic and throw out everything. In my experience, I found it easier to replace items as they were used-up, rather than getting rid of all the existing items in your pantry and replacing them with the ones below. This way you are not wasting food and it’s economical as well. For example, once my white rice ran out, I bought brown rice. Plus, may I suggest, try and buy organic where possible and if it's within your budget.

The aim is to have a pantry that has a wide range of:

  • Wholegrains

  • Seeds and nuts

  • Natural sweeteners

  • ‘Good’ oils

  • Spices

  • Legumes

  • Wild-caught fish

  • Non-dairy milks (if you don’t make your own)

  • Gluten-free flours/pasta