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How To Embrace Your Femininity

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

With International Women’s Day happening this month, there is no better time than to get in touch with your feminine side and embrace your femininity. Living in such a masculine world, and in one where we are often encouraged to not be ‘such a girl’ or ‘so emotional’, we often feel we have to suppress this part of ourselves, whether you are male or female!

So let’s this month, and every month even, embrace being feminine. Allow ourselves to let guards down and ignore cultural pressures. Be who we are, and allow ourselves to feel a connection with femininity with our feminine body again. do you do that? You might think I’m going to write about hugging every woman you meet, shout ‘I’m a woman, hear me roar’ and streak in the park around naked. And while these are very good ideas, embracing your femininity begins with an acceptance of who you are at the core. Discovering your own side in your own time.

So here are some of my suggestions and resources, that might resonate with you, to help you tap into your feminine side this month:

Embrace your cycle

Whether it’s your menstrual cycle, or just your natural emotions, allow yourself to not fight against the changes in your body, but to flow with it. Listen to what your body needs, and let it have it - whether that’s rest, exercise or eating something naughty, just let your feminine body do the talking and listen.

Practice the art of receiving

When it comes to the masculine and the feminine, the masculine is the dynamic force and the feminine is the receptive force. So by purely practising receiving, you are celebrating your feminine energy. This can be in many ways, including receiving compliments, receiving touch or receiving love. Go against what women usually do, and actually do less, ask for what you need, and receive it!

Follow your intuition

The big superpower all females are blessed with - intuition. That gut feeling, when we know that something is right or wrong. So often we are led by external opinions, voices and resources that can make us ignore what our intuition is telling us to do. So try listening to what your intuition says in situations, and see what happens!

Have daily pleasure rituals

Everybody needs to experience pleasure in their lives, and when tapping into your feminine side, you also find out exactly what brings joy to your life. Here are just a few ideas of daily rituals that might bring you pleasure, but take your time to find yours!

  • Gentle, mindful activities like yoga & meditation

  • Taking time to prepare and enjoy your meals

  • Developing a bedtime ritual - skincare, bathing, reading, lighting candles etc

  • Gratitude journalling and practices

  • Giving yourself some ‘you’ time everyday

Spend time with other women

Women are amazing at loving, supporting and nurturing each other. In the past, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and aunts all lived in the same village allowing them to harness their close feminine ties.

Now the world is bigger, this is often not the case. So make sure you take time to build your tribe of women and make sure you meet regularly to build true womanhood.

Recommended Resources

Inspired to embrace your feminine side? Here are some resources to help you out:


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