How To Embrace Your Femininity

Updated: Apr 26

With International Women’s Day happening this month, there is no better time than to get in touch with your feminine side and embrace your femininity. Living in such a masculine world, and in one where we are often encouraged to not be ‘such a girl’ or ‘so emotional’, we often feel we have to suppress this part of ourselves, whether you are male or female!

So let’s this month, and every month even, embrace being feminine. Allow ourselves to let guards down and ignore cultural pressures. Be who we are, and allow ourselves to feel a connection with femininity with our feminine body again. do you do that? You might think I’m going to write about hugging every woman you meet, shout ‘I’m a woman, hear me roar’ and streak in the park around naked. And while these are very good ideas, embracing your femininity begins with an acceptance of who you are at the core. Discovering your own side in your own time.

So here are some of my suggestions and resources, that might resonate with you, to help you tap into your feminine side this month:

Embrace your cycle<