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Your Full Moon Toolbox

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The power of the Full Moon can really shake us up. It’s strength and power, if not harnessed in the right way, can leave us feeling a little unbalanced and out of sorts. But by having a toolbox at hand full of little rituals and activities to help you connect and maintain balance, you will feel renenergized post-full moon.

Here are just some ideas on how you can fill your toolbox, though remember we are all unique, and it might take a few full moons to get it right. Just be patient and enjoy the journey!

Create a sacred space

Find a space in your home that is comfortable and calm to set up a little alter or a sacred space that allows you to feel centred and calm. To create your space by gathering some inspirational objects that can make you feel grounded and rooted. This might be photos, notes, crystals, jewellery - think of anything that may contain the energy of what you want to manifest during this time.

Manifestation ritual

A simple manifestation ritual can solidify your full moon intentions and help you bring things to fruition. By your new alter, allow yourself to get comfy and relaxed. Then allow yourself to start a meditation practice to see with clarity what you want from this Full Moon. Let go of any judgement, visualize and attract exactly what you want. Perhaps to use the objects in your alter help you become more focussed.

Continue meditations

On and around the days the Full Moon is gleaming, ensure that you regularly meditate to keep yourself grounded, balanced and focused on the powerful energy. Perhaps you’ll meditate before your rituals, or when you feel you need a moment to yourself. It is also the perfect time to practice your gratitude meditations, which helps you to feel more present and grounded. Check out my guide here!


Once your mind is clear and focused, observe what you may be ignoring, suppressing or compromising in your life. Notice any negative thoughts and perceptions you may have about a person, situation, or yourself, and then write these observations in a journal or on a piece of paper. This ritual is about releasing the negative energy in our minds to make space for the positive emotions, so do not hold back when writing your thoughts.

Let go!

Now you have the list of everything negative you have withheld, it’s time to let it go! First read them aloud with intention. Say, "I release you!" or "Thank you for your service—you are free to move on!". If you’re feeling a little wild, once you have released your list, safely burn the list to completely rid of them. Burning sage or diffusing frankincense during this time can aid in your release of negative or stagnant energy.

Take a moon bath

The full moon's light can rejuvenate our psyches. Connect with lunar energy by submerging yourself in water. Draw a healing bath around the time of the full moon, and gather your favorite salts, crystals, and candles. You can say your full moon intentions aloud while you're relaxing in the tub as you imagine the full moon restoring every cell of your body. Or, take a dip in a lake, ocean, or pool if weather and circumstances permit!

Hold a full moon circle

Moon circles can help you harness the energy of the full moon and celebrate with a group of friends and like-minded seekers. At a full moon circle, you'll want to set intentions, listen actively to each other's desires, and decide what to collectively release. You can get as creative as you want with these–candles, incense, chanting, dancing, even a playlist tailored to the full moon's astrological sign. Make sure you serve your guests nutritious and delicious Full Moon food - take a look at my recipes for some inspiration.


Now you’ve let it all go, enjoyed a moon bath, celebrated with a moon circle and mainifested; enjoy reeling in the positive Moon energy. Soak up all the glorious energy and harness it by taking a walk outside or opening up a window to bask in the glowing moonlight. Feel yourself recharging, now that the negativity is gone.

So give it a go on the next Full Moon - harness the energy and fill yourself with positivity! Do you practice any Moon rituals of your own? I would love to hear about your own rituals or experiences.


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